New Sustainability Housing Learning Community at Ohio State

The Ohio State University offers more than a dozen housing learning communities.  A housing learning community groups students who share common interests, majors, or career goals and places them together on a residence hall floor.  This year, Ohio State launched its newest community called SUSTAINS (Students Understanding Sustainability and Taking Action to Improve Nature and Society). 

SUSTAINS is a community of undergraduate students who are interested in or studying the environment.  Through the program, students explore the topic of sustainability and investigate environmental problems.  Members of the community are involved in discussion, service, and hands-on learning that focuses on sustainable living and incorporating sustainability into their lives.  Connecting with campus sustainability partners is a main objective of the program.  Students meet weekly for seminars from faculty and partners and participate in a monthly dinner and dialogue series.

The 18 members of the inaugural SUSTAINS class are currently living in Nosker House and have already participated in a faculty welcome dinner and a group trip to Hocking Hills.  Read more about SUSTAINS here.

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Recycling at The Ohio State University.

The Ohio State University is working hard to have the country's largest Zero Waste stadium.

Did you know?

38.91 tons of waste was diverted from the landfill during the 2014 football season from the Horseshoe!