Campus as a Living Laboratory

The Ohio State University is a world renowned research institution that has experts conducting research in just about every imaginable field.  The academic mission of the university generates a necessary but large operational need.  Ohio State seeks to integrate campus operations and life into the classroom and research of the university.  This hands-on experience will enhance the knowledge of Ohio State graduates.  The campus can be used to research areas of energy, water, materials management, logistics, healthy environments, food and food security, social and psychological issues, marketing and communications, and much more. 

We invite the campus community to submit their ideas to our Idea Foundry – which some day may become projects.  We also encourage the community to browse the database of potential projects for classroom or project ideas.  If you are just curious or would like to build off completed research and projects please visit our Campus as a Living Laboratory Library.

What Qualifies as a Living Laboratory Project?

A Campus as a Living Laboratory project is a paper, poster, report, video, and or study that analyzes an issue related to The Ohio State University’s campus. Categories typically range from energy, community, materials, transportation, and stewardship.

Projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Involve collaboration between Ohio State staff, faculty, and students.  A faculty or staff member must sponsor the project.
  • Involve a real world, sustainability issue at Ohio State
  • Contribute to academic credit for students
  • Document goals, steps both planned and taken, final outcomes

Potential Projects

Whether you need an idea for your upcoming paper or if you're a staff member that would like to see examples our database holds some ideas. These ideas are fluid and can be used as a starting point or as a way to spur other ideas. Please browse our current database.

Did you know?

Right now there are 4 certified LEED buildings, in the next 2 years OSU will be building 9 more!