Green Buckeye Certification


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Students, faculty, and staff have a significant influence on sustainable practices at Ohio State through everyday activities in the office, education in the classroom, and attitudes around campus.  The Green Buckeye Certification recognizes offices, departments, and faculty who incorporate sustainable practices in our community.  In addition, the Green Buckeye Certification creates a roadmap for those actively wanting to reduce waste, conserve energy, and become more environmentally friendly. 

The Certification covers areas such as communication and education, energy efficiency and conservation, recycling and waste reduction, water conservation, and purchasing.  In order to become certified, 85 percent of the actions on the application must be accomplished for 85 percent of the colleagues in the office or department.  Individuals can also become certified.

Our second phase of the certification initiated in Spring 2014 looks to follow up on and build from the successes of initial implementation.  A new health and wellness section and increased standards for existing sections raises the bar in our path to become a more sustainability-conscious institution.


Why Become Certified?

  • Support Ohio State’s sustainability goals by increasing awareness and inspiring action.
  • Encourage coworkers to reduce energy consumption, increase recycling, and improve efficiency.
  • Communicate that your office is certified by the university as an environmentally supportive office.


Green Buckeye Certification:  Offices

From using Energy Star rated appliances to turning off power strips at night, even seemingly small steps can create a culture change in your office or department.  By actively engaging in energy-saving practices, small actions can cumulatively make a big difference.


How to Apply

Applications can be found under ‘Resources’ or by emailing  Applications are admitted on a rolling basis.  


What to Expect

Applications take no longer than a week for processing.  If approved, you will receive an email notification, Green Buckeye window clings, Green Buckeye logos for your website, and recognition on this website.  If declined, we will be happy to work with you to become certified.  The entire process does not require too much time.


Want Help?

Contact us! We can do a walk-through or conduct a presentation to introduce it to your team.



Did you know?

In the 2014 football season 95.2% of materials from Ohio Stadium were diverted from landfills.